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it’s portland

June 12, 2006

I'm not a native Portlander, though by most transplants' standards I am: I've lived here since 1987 (which was before puberty for me…) and one of my parents live here. So it's pretty much my home. I've lived in several different neighborhoods around town and SE is my favorite followed closely by NE. But we'll get into all that stuff later.

The idea of a purpose or "end" of the city really interests me. What is the point of living in the city? It all goes to Plato's notion of the good life. That we gather in cities to exchange and promote all things that can lead to happiness. As such, I want to write about how living in Portland can be all about your own notion of what the "good life" is…and perhaps how sometimes it falls short of that supposed goal.


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  1. June 14, 2006 12:12 am

    What a great idea! And I see that you turned RSS feeds on. I have you in FeedDemon now. Excited to read more.

  2. June 22, 2006 8:57 pm

    This sounds like a magazine. Hey- I hear that Portland Monthly is hiring!
    (oh, come on, that was funny!)

    Really I suppose the parts of a city that interest me are the ones that are unique to it, or rather the ones that are much more prominent to it than in other cities. Still it’s correct that anything the city has to offer serves to create it’s greater identity and uniqueness no matter how common it is to a regular notion of a ‘city’.

    Do you feel that you’re an explorer by nature? How much of what Portland has to offer would you think that you’ve encountered?

    I have to admit that though I’ve lived in the greater Seattle area most of my life there’s a ton I haven’t seen or done.

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