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June 15, 2006

The sun has finally decided to come out today after several sweatery-cold and blustery days here in ptown.  Every year I forget that it doesn't really become warm until July, at least not reliably.  This is because there are always teasers, as early as February, of warm, dry, and absolutely beautiful weather.  The good thing about Portland is that there are so many diversions from the puddles, most of which involve books, good coffee, and great beer (that's true at least in my circles).  Portland is a very rainy city.  Fortunately it is unlike dirty Baltimore, where I went to college, where it is grey and ugly.  Here in the Northwest it's much more like living in an urban rainforest.

And when the sun finally does come out, we enjoy it all the more.  We head out to Saturday Market.  We get fresh veggies at the local farmer's market and grill with friends at home.  If you work downtown like I do, you might catch a brown bag concert at Pioneer Square during your lunch hour.  My favorite week for that is when the Metropolitan Youth Symphony performs.  They are the nation's oldest youth symphony located right here in Portland.  And they are spectacular, led by Austrian conductor Lajos Balogh.  I played oboe and English Horn with MYS years ago while I was in middle and high school, and I loved being a part of it. 

Right now it's all about bikes!  Get all the info over at Bike Portland about Pedal Palozza 2006 going on through June 24th.  Too bad though – you already missed the sweet shirtless (and pantsless!) parade of bikers last Sunday afternoon.

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