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Portland Free Skool

June 22, 2006

Have you heard of Portland Free Skool or ever taken a class there?  I've thought about it in the past but haven't seen anything I'd like to take, although now I see on their community calendar that there's a class on homebrewing beer…

Up until a few years ago I took some classes at the Red Rose School.  Red Rose is a bit like Free Skool – run by community members, mostly activists and creative types, who want to share their skills and knowledge with others at little or no cost.  I'm not sure whatever happend to the Red Rose School, but it would be great if Portland Free Skool became strong and that more people were involved with it. 

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  1. June 22, 2006 9:11 pm

    The best ideas in the world are only as good as who you can get dedicated to them. It's the hardest task to move people to commit themsleves to something.

    My challenge to you is this- if you truly feel that it is a great idea then invest your thing of biggest value in it- your time. Take classes, teach classes, volunteer to help, spread the word (I guess blogging about it qualifies a little).

    I used to have art parties which I enjoyed a lot but I got tired of feeling like I was the only one that cared or wanted to keep it going. It's really hard to keep the fire going no matter how strongly it was burning when you start. It helps a lot to have a few combustable friends around to jump in on it when you're burning out

  2. Angel permalink
    June 23, 2006 11:12 am

    Hey yes, I’ve heard of it. I was thinking about checking into teaching some trades stuff there, like basic home repair classes.

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