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Join the Bike Commute Challenge in September!

August 8, 2006

Someone at my organization just enrolled us in the Bike Commute Challenge, a yearly event sponsored by the great Bicycle Transportation Alliance.  It’s a “friendly” competition for companies in Portland to have the most bicycle commuters through the month of September.

It seems easy enough:  you log in to the site and post the miles you rode on your bike to work, which are then tallied along with all your other coworkers.  The challenge seems to be divided by the number of employees in your company by range of 50.  You get a 10% discount at several sponsoring bike shops in Portland for joining. 

I’ve never ridden my bike to work at my current job, mostly because I have to dress nice for work.  I’ve heard of large companies that actually have shower facilities specifically to provide an incentive for employees to bike to work.  I’d also need a closet to hang my nice clothes perhaps!  I’m going to try it out though and see how it goes.

Check to see if your company or organization is enrolled here.

Earl on his bikeTurns out there’s even a Bike Commuter Benefits Act, sponsored by Representative Blumenauer (naturally!) and Senator Wyden.  Learn more about it over at the BTA’s blog

The Act makes a lot of sense:  there are many incentives for people to carpool and take public transportation to work, including tax benefits and the ability for employers to pay for alternative transportation costs.  Bike commuters receive no incentives and pay the costs of their transportation themselves.

Read the Act here; it would essentially allow for a “bicycle commute allowance” to defray the costs shouldered by bike commuters and encourage more people to ride to work.

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  1. August 10, 2006 2:49 pm

    PSU used to do this–probably still does–but I think we were embarrassed given our size and eventual performance. They used to do it in the winter, though. That was sorta cool.

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