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Biodiesel in Oregon gets even better

August 23, 2006

There is a lot of depressing news out in the world today. Marines are being called back to Iraq and Afghanistan, and it looks like the war will simply never end. Two Oregonians this week have died out there since Monday. It’s deflating to think of this going on and on without any end in sight. But instead of writing about all that stuff, which I leave to others for now, I’ll update you on a sweet new project by SeQuential BioFuels. It’s just a little piece of good news.
We Oregonians have it really good when it comes to alternative energy, especially biofuels. This is thanks to a few innovating souls who choose to do business and life in Oregon. SeQuential BioFuels is our main source of biodiesel here in the Northwest (there are also some great grassroots alternatives). They just opened a sweet new station off Interstate 5 near Eugene:

SeQuential BiofuelsSeQuential Biofuels is the first major fuel retailer in the Pacific Northwest to offer a variety of biofuel- blended motor fuels to the mainstream market under a single, branded canopy. The biofuels station, located just off Interstate 5 in Eugene, Oregon, will provide biofuel blends approved for use in all gasoline and diesel vehicles:

-- 10% ethanol with 90% gasoline for ALL gasoline vehicles
    -- 85% ethanol with 15% gasoline for E85 Flex Fuel Vehicles
    -- 5% biodiesel with 95% diesel for ALL diesel vehicles
    -- 20% biodiesel with 80% diesel for MOST diesel vehicles
    -- 99.9% biodiesel with 0.1% diesel for SOME diesel vehicles

Approaching the site, the dominant features are the 244 solar panels that cover the fueling islands and the 4800 plants installed in five inches of soil on the roof of the convenience store. The 33kW solar array will provide 30% t0 50% of the electrical power that the station will require annually.

I predict that this station is the first of many that we’ll see in Oregon – and hopefully other states as well. They’d just better bring one to Portland soon.

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  1. August 24, 2006 1:12 pm

    Did you catch that NPR report today? It was about a Texas truck stop that recently switched to biodiesel (B20, but still) on the urging of, I kid you not, Willie Nelson. And the really shocking part was that the truckers were high on it. Good news all around!

    (I however, remain delighted by our new Prius. Around town, then a trip to the coast and back to McMinnville and it was only 5.25 gallons. Fifty-three mpg. Whoo hoo!)

  2. guffie permalink
    August 27, 2006 1:11 am

    Bio-Disel is the way to go, for now, anyway.
    I am also a huge fan of solar energy. We’ve got to get off the oil as soon as possible.

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