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We’re a torture generation

October 27, 2006

I know that I’ve been using my blog as a soapbox about torture and the war on terror, at least part of the time.  There’s not much else that concerns me more, right now, in terms of current events.  Many things matter – the elections coming up, the environment, local politics – but really, the recent decisions and issues around the acceptance of torture by American interests concerns me more than anything else.

The first line in this article sums it up for me:

The absolute worst thing about Vice President Dick Cheney’s bald-faced acknowledgement Tuesday that the Bush administration considers the use of waterboarding an appropriate interrogation technique is that it neither shocked nor surprised anyone.

When I think of the notion of people being tortured my skin crawls.  I feel sick and repulsed, especially when I know it is happening for the cause of “democracy and freedom” a la America’s war on terror.  But knowing that torture is permitted and accepted by the public makes the feeling so much worse.  Here’s more:

Cheney’s enthusiastic embrace of one of the Khmer Rouge’s favorite interrogation techniques ensures that he’ll never escape his richly deserved title as vice president for torture. Though administration apologists adamantly maintain that waterboarding isn’t torture or even “torture lite,” few experts in the laws of war, human rights or the U.S. military support them.

Now the president no longer has to lie to the American people. It’s official: The United States will waterboard – torture – any prisoner chosen by the Bush administration for harsh interrogation.

The fact is that distinguishing between terrorists and our officials is merely political.  You tell me:  what’s the difference between war and terror?  Aren’t they completely interchangeable?  The hinge between the two is legitimacy.  The state is legitimate, hence its torture and violence and killing is permitted.  All others fall into the terrorist category.  Is the behavior different?  Do you feel safer knowing that torture goes on in your name, as an American?  I sure don’t. 

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  1. March 6, 2007 6:20 pm

    Check your sources. You can’t say something is true if it is an opinion. And also, if we just let terrorists bomb our country, you wouldn’t like that. Yet when we try to stop them, you don’t like that either. Pick one and wise up.

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