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Ted Haggard, get your handbasket!

November 6, 2006

My dear readers, I took a week off from posting and look at all the stuff that’s happened! Of course best of all is the evangelical upset we witnessed over the weekend.

I asked Steve what he thought about this whole thing and this is how he responded:

How would you expect executives of one of the fastest growing businesses in America and one of the most influential right-wing political machines to react to the revelation that one of the most visible men at their helm is a hypocrite engaging in the very behavior that he rails against? By this time it should be no surprise at all—what with all the cash and power at stake—but somehow I continue to be amazed. At both their audacity and at the mindless, sheep-like way in which their cash-cow, vote-on-command followers drink every drop of the Kool Aid poured down their throats.

Hmmm….we could list who he’s referring to, but of course it’s good ol’ Ted. And what a hypocritical reaction we have from the evangelicals! It’s unbelievable…head on over and read Steve’s entire post about it here.

Hoo boy.

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