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Rally against more troops in Iraq – tonight

January 11, 2007

no warMoveOn is organizing rallies across the States in protest of Bush’s new plan to “surge” over 20,000 new troops to Iraq, and Portland’s rally is tonight at the Pioneer Square at 6:00 p.m. Check out MoveOn’s info page here for more information.

A friend asked if I’d go with her, and I thought, “Wow! I haven’t been to a rally in a long time. What’s up with that?” I used to go to protest marches often, but over the last few years I stopped. Mostly because I have felt disinterested in doing public actions that don’t seem to effect change. I think a lot of people feel that way, especially now.

Perhaps now more than any other moment is a good time to head out to the streets, if only to feel a sense of commonality with all the Americans who disagree and protest this war in Iraq.

I’ve been watching a series called “Off to War,” a documentary series by Discovery Times about 9 National Guardsmen from Clarksville, Arkansas who are called out to Iraq in 2004. It’s a stunning, devastating, and intimate portrayal of individual experience as an American soldier in Bahgdad. In summary, it’s a nightmare – we all know that. Anyone considering joining the army needs to see this documentary. It’s at the major video rental stores and easily found – go see it!

See you tonight at the Square?

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  1. March 24, 2007 8:44 am

    Ok, so I have nothing against peacefull and lawfull protests, However I also believe that they should be by people with a legitimate cause, and aimed at the right people. I can tell you that I take it personaly when I am burned in effigy. As the protesters in Portland did recently. Burning a U.S. Soldier effigy and an American flag is tasteless and does nothing to add credibility to a cause. I dont care if you do have the right to do it. And associating with those that do only hurts the legitimacy of your cause if you are with them. The Portland anarchists have taken this way to far, and since they were with an estimated 15,000 other protesters that I am sure the majority of which were there to hold a peacfull protest, and have no ill feelings for the toops that put their lives on the line every day to give them the right to protest in the first place, had nothing to do with some of the days events. However, nothing was done to stop them either. So what kind of mesage does that send to everybody about their cause? I really do hope that this is an isolated incident, and not indicative of the general feelings about the troops from the majority of Oregonians. You can view a video of some of the days events here:

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