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The average migraineur

February 20, 2007

I’m at work with a migraine, trying to ignore the nausea and ride through my sensitivity to light. Will I make it through the day?

I don’t get them often enough to warrant going to the doctor and getting some specific medication, but I think maybe it’s time to do it.

Migraine headaches are among the worst kind to experience. I have a friend who gets them all the time. She represents the majority of sufferers – for some reason they affect mostly women.

I mostly have tension headaches, which are caused by tense neck muscles which exert strain on your head. These are also bad. Feeling rather desperate once, I searched on E Medicine Health, where they have a “Worst Headache of Your Entire Life” symptoms page. Later that day I had quite a laugh with friends over it, though it’s not really funny. It’s strange to have to quantify things against your “entire life.”

HeadacheSuch is the life for the average migraineur. Hopefully I’ve already had the worst headache of my entire life and from now on I’ll just say the newest headache isn’t nearly as bad as that one. Incidentally, the worst headache of your entire life is a big deal and you shouldn’t just go to bed – you might have a brain aneurysm.

Have a nice day!

(Image by Tranquility Base)

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