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Bummed about Blumenauer

May 16, 2007

I heard Earl Blumenauer announced that he’s not going to run for Gordon Smith’s seat in the Senate. Dang, he would have been great. BlueOregon covered the possibility of this in April, when it was still a uncertain whether Peter Defazio would decide to run.

Now they’ve posted Earl’s statement on why he has decided not to run. I’m certainly appreciative of why:

My issues, from ending the Iraq war to stopping global warming, to making sure everyone has health care they can afford, a quality education, and a good job, have gained not just attention, but traction and even momentum. My committee assignments put me in the best possible position to deal with these priorities everyday. I’ve been working for over a decade to get on the Ways and Means Committee and to regain a Democratic majority. I say with January both of these dreams become a reality. Speaker Nancy Pelosi also chose me to serve on the new Global Warming and Energy Independence Committee.

At this unique moment in history there is too much work to be done in the House of Representatives to take on a campaign for the US Senate.

Still, it’s a disappointment. Now that we know both of them are out, who will jump in to defeat Gordon Smith? Stay on top of the developments over at Stop Gordon Smith and of course check Blue Oregon whenever you can.

I’m going to be so happy to see Senator Smith lose in 2008. Will Steve Novick come through and help us get him out? I like him quite a bit. In the Willamette Week article “If I Ran,” which Novick wrote in late January this year, I especially liked these remarks:

Smith voted in 2004 against restoring the tax on oil and chemical companies that financed the Superfund toxic-waste cleanup program. (He’d rather have you and me pay for cleanups, out of general tax revenues—or have no cleanups at all.)

Smith has repeatedly voted against raising gas efficiency standards for cars. (He’s sometimes supported weaker increases.)

Smith voted for an energy bill in 2005 that gave $11.5 billion in subsidies to the oil and gas industry.

As a former federal Justice Department lawyer who spent over eight years suing polluters, and a nine-year board member of the Oregon Environmental Council, I’d be able to draw a stark contrast with Gordon Smith on the environment. But so could any good Democratic candidate.

His point is true: any good Democratic candidate can beat Smith. Who will it be?

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  1. May 16, 2007 2:00 pm

    At this point, Steve himself. It’s arguable now that anyone could step forward who would be a better candidate. I think a lot of people feel they’d like to have a little more name recognition, but it may be time for the rest of us to quit screwing around and starting to support Novick full-throatedly. He may not be well known, but he is a candidate we can be proud of.

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