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Wounded soldiers ordered to repay signing bonus

November 27, 2007

This is sick:

The Pentagon wants its money back.

Some soldiers who were wounded in war are now being ordered to pay back part of their signing bonus.

For a 20-year-old Washington soldier, death and destruction was too much.

The MP was working blockades in Baghdad. One day she was so traumatized by what she saw, she had to be airlifted out.

“She saw more combat than I saw in 2 years,” says war veteran Skip Dreps. He’s the director of the Northwest Paralyzed Veterans of America. It’s Dreps’ mission to make sure every soldier gets what they’ve earned.

“She was medically evacuated to the Baghdad hospital; within one week she was sent to Madigan Army Hospital in Washington, and within a week sent home with a personality disorder – and a week later sent a bill,” says Dreps.

The threatening letter Kari got warns if she doesn’t repay $2,505.70 of her enlistment bonus, the Army will send a bill collector after her. The Department of Defense is clear: the amount owed is considered the “unearned portion of her enlistment bonus”.

Read the rest of the article here.

And here’s a similar story.

Note (without surprise) that Pete Geren, Secretary of the Army and in charge of the budget and this specific policy never actually was in the Army or performed any military services whatsoever.

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