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The writer’s commitment

April 23, 2008

Just had to share this statement with you:

“Political commitment, in my view, is seldom a calculated intellectual strategy.  It seems to me more like a contagious disease — athlete’s foot, let’s say, or typhoid fever — and if you happen to live in a plague area, the chances are excellent that you will come down with it.”

El Salvadoran poet Claribel Algeria wrote that in The Writer’s Commitment.

I would propose that the plague is global.  What insulates some people from catching it?

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  1. Will Von Wizzlepig permalink
    April 24, 2008 1:48 pm

    I imagine a pendulum for a gigantic clock- a clock so big most of its parts extend beyond the horizon, above the cloud level. for some reason, it also moves in extreme slow motion. we are free to jump amongst its gears, even play upon the otherwise perilously large and dangerous pendulum.

    now imagine an army of these clocks, all transposed and jumbled upon the same space, earth, like some cheap 60’s sci-fi special effect. thousands of gears, pendulums, and all of their parts surrounding you everywhere you turn. It might be hard to tell them apart from being one very big clock, or, several big clocks, as opposed to thousands.

    each of them so slow as to be entirely avoidable- if only you pay attention to them enough- and most of us manage to live in a balance with the clocks.

    Inevitably, there will be people who fixate on this clock, or that, and certainly some of them will be infamous for what has coincidentally happened to them, near them, because of them…

    Now, just rename each clock with the name of a religion, social structure, political party, sports team, rock band, pop star, drug, etc, etc, etc- and now you will understand the world.

    Almost nothing out there is so dangerous or deadly as to actually require our full-time constant attention, and most things can be completely ignored with no harm whatsoever. It’s the things you can’t help yourself from paying attention to- our own innerworkings- which entwine us and drag us into the dangerous gears and expose us to peril.

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