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A site of bliss

June 2, 2008

Blogging serves me at times to procrastinate. Got stuff to do? Deadlines to make? A paper or article to finish? Suddenly, you feel compelled to write a blog entry. It needs to be written! The other things can wait! There’s an audience out there that needs you!

Well, I know you don’t need me, but apparently I need you, Dear Reader. Not only do you give me a life in a sphere outside of myself (by this I mean your pretty little head, not the Internets), but you provide me with a legitimate means to continue to avoid finishing up my chores. Thank you so much. And for this service, I will leave you with a lovely few words from Roland Barthes, from The Pleasure of the Text:

If I read this sentence, this story, or this word with pleasure, it is because they were written with pleasure (such pleasure does not contradict the writer’s complaints). But the opposite? Does writing in pleasure guarantee–guarantee me, the writer–the reader’s pleasure? Not at all. I must seek out this reader (must “cruise” him) without knowing where he is. A site of bliss is then created. It is not the reader’s “person” that is necessary to me, it is this site: the possibility of a dialectics of desire, of an unpredictability of bliss: the bets are not placed, there can still be a game. (1975, 4)

That was good.

Now, back to my duties.

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