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On the value of wasting time

September 13, 2008

I seem to have wasted a beautiful Saturday.  But sometimes the frittering away of moments is precisely what is needed.  Everyone I know is so busy.  It’s always one thing and then the next and the next and the next, barely without pause.  Lately I find myself wondering what life is like outside of this modern worky-social-always doing- lifestyle.  Isn’t this a form of lifestyle, a collective choice to have full agendas, to have big careers and aspirations, online calendars and plots?

I tend to like this busyness, as long as I can have days like this without feeling guilty or as though I’ve laid waste to several hours that ordinarily could have been put to better use.  Otherwise, what’s the point?

These things are on my mind, I suppose, because I sense that my life is going to become more busy and full of things in a couple weeks when I start my graduate school program at OSU.  I’m commuting a couple days a week to Corvallis while continuing to work two part time jobs in pursuit of my master’s in public health, which is a two year program.  These last few weeks, I feel, need to be used wisely.  They need to be filled with novels, lollygagging around, sleeping in, trying to make things from rarely-used cookbooks, wine, friends, and all manner of fun and wasteful moments.


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