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Stepping in

March 1, 2011

It’s been so long since I’ve written here that I had to go get a new password  and spend some time figuring out the new WordPress dashboard.  Now that blogging is completely out and Facebook and Twittering are all the rage, it seemed to make the most sense to come back here.

I use Facebook a lot, and when Twitter arrived on the scene — just about when this blog experienced a death — I was there.  But there’s something missing that longer entries fulfill.  And so here I am.  Lately I am writing in my head or in my journal, and I need an in between space that may help get me from there to someplace a little more significant.  More on that later.

I’m likely to write a lot more about cycling, cooking, public health, politics, and books.  All of my favorite things.  I might also whinge about job hunting.  Since my last post I received my Master of Public Health from Oregon State, and even though it’s less than 10 weeks since I passed my oral exams and received my diploma I am anxious to get a full time job.

Meanwhile, if you’ve read this far you might as well click a link or two.  I am on a graphic novel kick lately, and Allison Bechdel came to mind since she is one of my all time favorite comic strip and graphic novel writers.  So go check out her archive.

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